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On the other side of the pandemic, it’s clear we live in an era of uncertainty and accelerated change. So don’t let last year’s thinking thwart this year’s chance to grow and thrive. Instead, learn leading-edge branding and marketing strategies and tactics to move people from prospects to customers, from customers to loyalists, and from loyalists to evangelists. Discover how to rebuild a ‘next-generation’ customer experience . . . and fast.

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Program Overview

We’ll begin by exploring your total customer experience. We’ll delve deep into the various paths within your customer journey—identifying the obstacles in your customers’ paths to purchase and learning how to eliminate them.

You’ll discover how a single embellishment on a package, a label, or a piece of mail can drastically impact the purchasing intent of your audience, and why one memorable moment can be the key to creating emotional connections with customers.

Along the way, we’ll review relevant case studies across a range of vertical markets, and use our comprehensive course workbook to identify design tools and analyze branding strategies that can be applied in both B2B and B2C models.

We’ll map current and unexplored touch points along a journey and learn why physical touch points and sensory elements enhance digital marketing strategies, rather than compete with them.

We’ll explain how direct mail and e-blasts use similar strategies and tools, and how different forms and levels of personalization in customer experiences can boost your sales and customer loyalty.

You’ll meet fellow designers, marketers and, entrepreneurs and join a supportive alumni community of thought leaders—and you’ll leave with actionable tools for putting these marketing and design strategies to work in your organization immediately.

Sample Program

The exact schedule for the day varies slightly from city to city, but here’s a good idea of what you can expect.

8:30 am
Check-in, coffee, meet your instructors and classmates
9:00 am
Announcements and overview of the day
10:30 am
Mod One
Brand Economics and The Myth of Normal – Money isn’t the only currency we spend
10:45 am
Study Hall
Bio break and stretch
12:15 pm
Mod Two
Brand Chemistry – Revealing the science in marketing, design, and branding
12:45 pm
Lunch (provided), bio break, stretch
2:15 pm
Mod Three
Winning Formulas –Applying the elements
2:30 pm
Study Hall
Bio break, stretch, afternoon snack (provided)
Mod Four
Becoming Bi-lingual – Speak the language of business, value, and ROI
Wrap-up, next steps, presentation of Certificates

Key Course Takeaways

Analyze your post-pandemic customer journey for new opportunities and obstacles.
Find your marketing “moments of inspiration” and learn how to leverage those during every single customer interaction.
Apply proven formulas to your designs to improve customer conversion and loyalty, while simultaneously making yourself indispensable.
Develop strategies for print + digital “connected” experiences and then learn how to incorporate financial language to justify each channel's ROI.
Identify proven strategies to strengthen your career, your brand, your sales, and your community.
Discover how sustainability and corporate social responsibility can boost your brand equity.
Leave with real-world, actionable strategies and tools, and a pathway to execute.

MarketWise Alumni Benefits

The Learning Doesn’t End


Refer to your comprehensive workbook and Brand Chemistry card deck for reminders of the strategies, technologies, techniques, and metrics as you implement these in your branding, marketing, and seasonal campaigns.


Join our MarketWise Alumni Peer Group, to meet fellow design, marketing, and entrepreneurial leaders. Network, ask questions, and share tips and resources.

Office hours

Sign up for office hours with our instructors during their scheduled meeting times.

Webinars and Meetups

Attend MarketWise webinars and Zoom Meet-ups that address current trends and newer trending topics

"The chemistry between Vicki, Daniel, and Trish is truly special. I can’t think of a better, more knowledgeable team to teach this master class."
Andrew Dembitz

President | , Resource Engine Group

“Trish is the gold standard when it comes to providing information, resources, and inspiration for the graphic arts industry.”
Kelly Mallozzi

Principal | , Success In Print

“Vicki Strull is one of the most creative, positive, forward thinking people I know.”
Kris Tamblingson

VP, General Manager | , Oliver, Inc.

“Daniel creates an environment where his audience is not “just” being educated, but rather immersed into a learning experience.”
Jeffrey Hernandez

Vice President | , Classic Color

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