Don’t let last
year’s thinking
thwart this year’s
chance to grow
and thrive.

Instead, learn the latest leading-edge
design strategies and tactics to move
people from prospects to customers,
from customers to loyalists,
and from loyalists to evangelists.

That’s why we’ve created a master class: to give
your team and our fellow creative professionals
the latest print + digital training — calibrated for today.

Don't get left behind.

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Master Class

for the professional development of designers, marketers, and brand leaders.


Class is in session! Depending on who is attending (we love to customize), the exact schedule will vary from class to class. But this syllabus will give you a good idea of what to expect.

For virtual classes, we split the content into segments over multiple days, while we teach in-person classes over one full day.

Check-in, meet your instructors and classmates, agenda, and format:
· Presentations
· Chat, discussions
· Polls
· Q&A
CH 1
60 Min

Brand Economics™

The first step in developing loyal and engaged customers is understanding what people spend. In this section, learn about the currencies people spend with a brand, the value of those currencies, and how to design marketing touchpoints so that customers and prospects will allocate more of their resources to your brand.  

· Money
· Time
· Energy
· Social

Ch 2
45 min

Building Trust

Did you know that for brands, trust matters more than love? In this chapter, learn three distinct strategies to earn trust in marketing campaigns. Learn how each tactic directly correlates to people spending the aforementioned ‘currencies’ in Chapter 1.

Strong brands build trust by:
· Being authentic in advocacy & cause marketing campaigns
· Committing to sustainable business practices toward a circular economy
· Embracing diversity, equity, & inclusion in their marketing & design

CH 3
75 min

The Myth of Normal™

‘I am unique.’ ‘I am my own person.’ ‘I am special.’ That’s what every customer wants to feel, so the notion of any one person as ‘normal’ is so yesterday. Instead, identify each customer’s unique traits of WHO they are, WHEN they are interacting with your brand, and WHERE they are within their customer journey. By the end of this chapter, you’ll understand why balancing online touch points with real-world experiences is essential to creating emotional connections with your customers and prospects.

This chapter covers:
· Multi-Generational Marketing
· Cultural Philosophies
· The Moments of truth
· Customer journeys

CH 4
90 min

Brand Chemistry™
Most creatives understand intimately the art of designing a touch point—type, colors, imagery, et al.—all the fun parts that make them creative. But to supercharge marketing campaigns and touch points, mix in the latest technologies in printing, messaging, and personalization to create memorable emotional connections with customers.

This chapter evolves the strategic topics of WHY in previous chapters to practical techniques of HOW to connect with customers by teaching:

· The 7 Emotional Message Drivers
· Personalization & Customization
· Interactive Formats
· Sensory Marketing & Tactile Printing Techniques
· Connected Print & Packaging

Ch 5
30 Min

Design for Business™
Creative professionals are accustomed to fielding questions about color palettes, fonts, pixels, and UX, but is your team versed in The Language of Business™? Conversing in business terminology with clients and stakeholders reshapes conversations from subjective to objective by connecting a touch point’s design to specific business goals.

Understanding and synthesizing these terms—The Business 6™—expands credibility and impact:

· Revenue
· Margin
· Marketshare
· De-commoditize

Ch 6
60 MIn

Winning Formulas
Through previous chapters, you’ve acquired an MBA’s worth of information. This culmination takes you, step by step, through the entire process showing examples of how brands are:

· Encouraging consumers to spend their currencies
· Building Trust
· Addressing Different Audiences
· Navigating the entire customer journey
· Balancing customer experiences between online and real life
· Achieving business goals

CH 7
30 MIN
Return on Impact
Use the previous chapters to build out your ROI Dashboard.
CH 8
20 min
Fast. Forward.
Wrap-up, Q&A, Office hours, and an alumni group, plus 3 Types of Takeaways
REACH: What strategies & techniques will you execute immediately? What will you share with your team tomorrow?
STRETCH: What will you implement in the next 3 months?
LEAP: What strategies, techniques, & tools will benefit the long-range marketing vision for your company over the next 6 to 12 months, & how will you build them into next year’s planning & budget?

Can your creatives persuade stakeholders to leverage the power of print + digital marketing solutions?

Does your brand personalize customer experiences for your broad range of customers?

Can your team calculate ROI across marketing touchpoints? (We’ll show you how, using our ROI Dashboard™)

Join Daniel Dejan, Vicki Strull, and Trish Witkowski for an immersive master class to strengthen your brand’s design strategies, marketing touchpoints, and customer experiences.

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Our master class — Fast. Forward. — is live, virtual or in-person, and all 3 of us are your instructors. 3 experts, 3 points of view, with 1 particular focus—YOU! We built Fast. Forward. to give our fellow design, marketing, and brand leaders the resources and language needed to strengthen careers, enhance customer experiences, and boost impact. Sure, it’s intense, but we also keep it fun, inspiring, and interactive.

And did we mention chocolate? There’s lots of chocolate. So what are you waiting for?

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Why should
your team
attend our
Master Class?

  • Explore the latest innovations in print + digital to amplify customer experiences.
  • Discover strategies to build trust with customers, cultivate loyalty, and increase customer value.
  • Learn what motivates people to spend. Spoiler: Money isn’t the only currency we spend. 
  • Master the Language of Business™ to justify the ROI of your printed touch points, including direct mail and packaging.

For all of this and more, we’re bringing this ground-breaking Master Class for designers, marketers, and brand leaders to you—virtually, or face-to-face—in a small group setting.


Why Should You Attend Our In-Person Master Class?

  • Perhaps you’re craving reconnection with your fellow community of creatives.
  • Or, you can’t keep up with the latest innovations in print + digital customer experiences.
  • Do you want to understand the latest trends in how and why people shop?
  • Or, maybe you’re ready to launch your career and learn how to speak like a C-suite executive.

For all of this and more, we’re bringing a ground-breaking master class for branding, design, and marketing leaders, CEOs and founders, and other creative decision-makers to you—locally, face-to-face—in a small group setting.

Immerse your team —

in the science of marketing, design, and branding. Follow powerful, emotional campaigns step by step from concept to implementation and accelerate results for your branding and marketing strategies. 

Focus —

on your marketing and design challenges, and come away with proven strategies and action plans to execute immediately.

Explore —

the latest tools and techniques in offline and online media, and determine how, when, where, and WHY to use them in your brand strategies and marketing campaigns.

Get energized —

in a live, interactive learning experience. Whether virtual or in-person, we get everyone involved—with inspiring discussions, chats, polls, and games. Printed resources and samples support the learning. (Everyone receives a kit of samples.)  

Left, right, and center.
We’ve got you.

No matter how you learn, we’ve got you covered.

  • Is your team dispersed around the country or even throughout the world? No problem, we teach virtually.
  • Is your team gathering for a face-to-face retreat? Great, we meet in person too.
  • Big team? Small team? We make it work. With us, it always feels like a small-group learning environment. Online classes are limited to 40 people. In-person, we can have as few as 30 or as many as 100.
  • Have a particular topic that is specific to your industry? We customize our content to meet your brand’s challenges.
  • Special circumstances? We’re flexible. Let’s talk.

“UH-MAZING. Awesome. Enlightening. Flew by. Insight gained. Inspired.”

Kathryn R.

Director | , Marketing Operations

“This is the best seminar, training, interactive learning, that I’ve ever been a part of in 30 years. It’s fun, eye-opening, and educational. I wish we could keep going.”

Kim W.

Marketing Production | , Consultant

“I have an MBA in Marketing, and this was as good if not better than my marketing course.”

Robert Godwin

Producer, Writer | , Inkish

“In my 35 years, I have not attended a corporate training where I did not multi-task, but with MarketWise I was enraptured. The class held my attention even while I was on vacation. I don’t give compliments freely, but I cannot recommend this class enough.”

Joy S.

Marketing | , Production Consultant

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